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“It’s okay to celebrate success, but it’s more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure.”

Did you know that Bill Gates’ first business adventure bombed? Even so, this failure did not prevent his dream from making him big. He learned from his past mistakes and overcame all the challenges to lay the foundation for success, what is now known as Microsoft.

It sounds vaguely philosophical, but the most inspiring success stories have resulted from failures.

Each of us wants the stars. There is nothing wrong in wishing success to kiss your feet. Unfortunately, unlike preparing your instant coffee in minutes, success takes its sweet time to reach you. It is a journey that is an amalgam of perseverance, positive thinking and most importantly, failures. Ah, there it is. Failure: the most feared word in the dictionary of our life.

Failures and success are two sides of the same coin. When you flip the coin, the probability of experiencing failures is the same as that of proving success. So, like it or not, failure is impossible to ignore. But it is definitely not impossible to learn from your failures!

Imagine: if Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs had given up their experiments, could we have been enjoying our life without the light bulbs or iPhones?

Failures present us with the most successful ingredients of success.

1. Discovering the true being
It is during the darkest, most frustrating and most depressing moments of our life that we discover our inner being: our strengths and weaknesses.

2. Learn from mistakes
Failures communicate comments about our mistakes. They give us time to reflect on our mistakes; improvise on them through trials and errors; and to make sure not to repeat them again.

3. Explore new things
Failures give us the opportunity to try things differently next time. It helps polish your approach and take more intelligent and calculated risks in the future. Show what works and what doesn’t.

4. Give a reality check
If you have been acting too confident or blind in your search for success, you may not be able to foresee possible defeats or challenges in your path. However, an instinctive reaction in the form of failures can keep you grounded.

5. It is not the end of the world
Yes, failure is bad. It is one of the worst things that could happen on your way to success. What really matters is to correct your mistakes and move forward in your life. The famous literary and critical poet, George Edward Woodberry, rightly describes this: “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not having tried is true failure.”

Remember, success is only a temporary mental state. Once you reach the top of your life, business or career, your learning stagnates. Success makes you complacent. Rust your skills. It’s heady like wine, but it leaves you without judgment.

True learning arises from the failures you have encountered during the process of reaching the top.

Before concluding, let me share my little success story with you. A few years ago, during my corporate career, I was publicly humiliated in front of my classmates in the boardroom for my poor performance. The reason is that I was becoming complacent with the position I held in my organization. Not to mention that I was about to lose my job. What happened next could be attributed to a stroke of good luck or my absolute determination to overcome my failures. Ten months later, people saw me receive the president’s award for my contribution of $ 25 million in profits to the company.

If you are ready to take credit for your success, you must also be brave enough to endure the worst part of your failures.