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motivational short story:  In our life many ups and downs comes how we face the situation depend on each problem  we get an inspiring and motivational story around it, here are some amazing motivational short story 


This happened to me when I was in school.

I wasn’t very good at the studies, although I passed my tenth grade with good grades (the CBSE check is very liberal, maybe that’s why).

After that I took a science stream and joined the 11th grade.

There is a saying, “With great power, comes a great responsibility”, the same was applied to me, but I was not so serious in my studies.

Classes began and everything was going well (except me studying), teachers completed their portions for the first terminals and exams were about to begin.

The exams arrived, I wrote it somehow and after that it was the day of the results.

As usual, my father scolded me, prevented me from playing games, watching television, etc., for a few days.

Once again, the same thing was repeated, my second terminals started and I still had no idea what I was writing in the exams because, regardless of the things they

used to teach us at school, everything went above my head, the formulas of Organic chemistry, balance equations, equations in physics, trigonometry, algebra, calculation in mathematics, all these things were

I wrote it and after I finished, I went to the trip to Delhi and Agra with my family.

I had no idea what I was going to do, how I will write my exams.

It was nice to feel enjoying after the exams.

There is always a silence before the storm comes.

Yes, you heard it well, I was happy to spend that time with my family exploring places, but I soon learned from one of my friends that the final exam

Now, all the fear that I had due to the exams, began to run again in my head, thinking about the results of the last two final exams, I

was lost in thinking about the results most of the time during the trip.

My family members didn’t know how I wrote on the exams (usually, every time they asked me about my exams, I used to say “it was fine or good”,

But as students, we all know how well we write our exams and we would certainly estimate the grades we will get.

So, according to my estimate, this time I was also about to fail in some subjects (about which I didn’t tell anyone)

I dressed and took my father to school for the results.

Those two days were the worst days of my life.

I arrived at my class, and he (my class teacher) started looking for my results.

He found it and the first words he said were: “Iss baar ka result Bohot kharab hai iska, yeh to padhne Mein thik tha, that kaise ho gaya?

After hearing this, he was very tense and I thought that after this he will definitely say that I have been stopped.

But he gave the result to my father and he said that, since it is very obvious and of good character, we promote it to the next class (I

only got 37%.) My father looked at my results and, as always, began to scold me in front of my teachers.

That day he didn’t leave a single word to scold me.

After leaving school, on the way back home, he scolded me, then at home in front of family members.

These lines really hurt me from the inside.

On top of that, they started comparing me to my friends, cousins, etc.

I was so depressed for a few days that I even thought about killing myself.

Days went by and somehow I gained some courage to analyze myself.

I began to ask myself, what was missing, why I could not do the same as others did, all these questions began to appear in my head.

Surprisingly, I only had one answer to all these questions and it was “Stop comparing yourself to others, just be a better person than you were yesterday.” This was

the only motivation that kept me at that time.

Everything began to change rapidly, I began to work hard in my studies, I increased the duration of my studies, I stopped doing everything that would have disturbed my studies.

I got better and better, and finally I left school with a decent 72% (more than any of my close friends at school and my cousins).

When I told my father about my result, he patted me on the back and told me to continue doing the same in what I do in the future.I still remember my father’s face, he was so happy that he eventually cried . And I was happy that I proved everyone wrong.

There’s always a motivation inside you, just you need is to find it.