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stories for kids on cleanliness is next to godliness



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Once there was a boy named Raj, he was very good at sports at school and used to play for the school team.
Raj mother was very proud of him, but she was only worried about his habit: staying dirty. Although after reminding several times, Raj never bothered to brush his teeth twice, bath and wear clean clothes. He used to choose what he saw first and use it, even though he had used it yesterday and played on it.
Today was a great day for Raj as the cricket team selection committee came to select the team for the state level of his school.
Raj had practiced late yesterday, so I woke up a little late in the morning. As soon as he got up, he ran to school in the same clothes he was practicing yesterday and had slept. He didn’t even update his mother, he just ran out of the house running to school. His mother kept calling from behind but he didn’t listen.
He arrived in time to join the line that was made to choose the teams. Raj  turn came and as scheduled as others, he began to give his introduction explaining his experience in the cricket he had played. Raj sports teacher started praising him in front of the selection committee.
Raj was really proud and confident that he would be selected. The committee was moving selected students to the right and others to the left, they moved Raj to the left. I was shocked and couldn’t believe the decision.
Breaking into the committee he asked: “There is a mistake, I am the best team here, sir!”
One of the members replied calmly: “The person who does not respect the importance of the game to dress according to him cannot be part of our team. Cricket is a gentlemen’s game and a gentleman is always clean and presentable.”
Raj was speechless, learning the lesson of his life.


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